Public interest disclosure

This part of the annual report complies with section 45 of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012 (the PID Act).

Procedures maintained

The PID Act specifically encourages and enables anyone who suspects serious wrongdoing relating to the work of an ACT public sector entity to raise concerns. The PID Act guarantees these concerns will be seriously considered and investigated where warranted.

Consistent with the PID Act, the Directorate undertook a number of initiatives during the year to ensure that any public interest disclosures are properly handled. These included:

  • the appointment of disclosure officers, responsible for receiving, forwarding and acting upon disclosures in accordance with the PID Act and Public Interest Disclosure Guidelines 2013
  • the finalisation of Public Interest Disclosure procedures for the Directorate following the approval by the Commissioner for Public Administration. The procedures are available on the Directorate’s website
  • awareness raising and training of staff to increase understanding.
Disclosures received The Direcorate received no public interest disclosure requests during the year.

One of the Directorate's two electric vehicles driving down Northbourne Avenue
The Directorate’s two electric vehicles are popular with staff when they cannot catch a bus or ride a bike to meetings.