Fraud prevention

Plans, strategies and actions

The prevention of fraud is managed in line with the Directorate’s Fraud and Corruption Policy Statement and Prevention Plan 2011–2013. This plan provides that the Directorate will undertake a formal Fraud Risk Assessment not less frequently than every two years, with the last assessment being finalised in August 2012.

The Strategic Risk Management Plan identifies fraud and corruption and includes strategies to mitigate the effect of these risks.

Awareness training

Awareness training covers the Fraud and Corruption Prevention Plan and the ACT Government Code of Ethics (defined in the Public Sector Management Act 1994 and Standards). Fraud and corruption awareness training is provided to new staff during staff induction. Selected further training is facilitated during the year in sections and work groups.

During the year the Governance Team undertook eight fraud awareness training sessions across the Directorate involving 113 staff.

The Fraud and Corruption Prevention Plan is promoted to all staff and reinforced regularly through internal communications.

Reports of fraud or corruption

No reports or allegations of fraud or corruption were received during 2013–14. The Shared Services Employees Relations Team finalised an investigation into one reported case of suspected fraud arising from 2012–13 reporting period. The final report did not find that fraudulent activity had taken place.