C3 - Public interest disclosure

This part of the annual report complies with section 45 of the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012.

Procedures maintained by ESDD

ESDD’s policies for general complaints, compliments, suggestions and public interest disclosures set out procedures for handling complaints, including specific arrangements for public interest disclosures. ESDD’s complaints handling policy, which is on its website, refers to public interest disclosures and gives detailed advice on how to make such a disclosure and how ESDD will handle it.

The procedures that ESDD follows when it receives a public interest disclosure are:

  • public interest disclosure is forwarded to the customer feedback system action officer for electronic registration
  • the officer forwards an acknowledgment letter to the stakeholder
  • the Senior Executive Responsible for Business Integrity and Risk (SERBIR) investigates the disclosure and advises the stakeholder, in writing, of the outcome of the investigation.

Disclosures received

ESDD received no requests during the year.