Murumbung Ranger Progam

A group of 6 Murrumbung Rangers Murumbung Rangers

The Murumbung Rangers are a collective of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working for the ACT Parks and Conservation Service (PCS) and the operational arm of Murumbung Yurung Murra. The Murumbung Rangers deliver an innovative program of ranger guided activities, events and on-ground cultural heritage and environmental projects in partnership with and endorsement of local Traditional Custodians. They are seen as a dynamic, highly valued leadership group within the local Aboriginal community.

Murumbung Yurung Murra Network

The Murumbung Yurung Murra* network is a skills exchange and support forum for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people working on programs 'on Country' within the Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) and other affiliated agencies. The network meets monthly to mentor, exchange skills, discuss issues and plan community cultural activities and land, heritage and water initiatives on Country.

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*Ngunnawal language meaning - Good Strong Pathways

Visit Ngunnawal Country

Experience Ngunnawal Country with a Murumbung Ranger and gain an insight into the cultural landscape of the region, or attend a cultural tour with a local Traditional Custodian.

Dharwa Aboriginal Cultural Tours
Showcasing local Ngunawal Culture
Phone: 0488 389 509

Ngunnawal Aboriginal Cultural Tours
Phone: 0413 908 408