The 2020 bushfire and floods caused significant and widespread damage to Namadgi National Park and Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve infrastructure including public access roads, walking trails, campgrounds, picnic areas, signage and other visitor and management assets.

This damage has caused significant public safety concerns resulting in the ongoing closure of Namadgi National Park.

As part of the immediate recovery response, ACT Parks and Conservation Service are working to address safety concerns around walking trails, signage and assess and remove fire-impacted trees. ACT Parks and Conservation Service are also working with Transport Canberra and City Services to fix key access roads in and out of the reserve, including coordinating and undertaking major road restoration work.

A reopening plan is now in place to progressively reopen Namadgi in stages.

The long-term recovery response will consider building back better infrastructure that is more resilient to our changing climate, and also develop new visitor experiences in Namadgi. This work is not expected to delay the opening of the park and will be undertaken on a case by case basis.

Rural land recovery response

Several ACT landholders have also been impacted by the 2020 bushfire and floods, with approximately 3,350 ha of rural land impacted and 109km of boundary fencing damaged.

As part of the bushfire recovery response, The ACT Government has liaised closely with rural landholders and provided $625,000 to repair and replace boundary fencing. Boundary fencing is important for preventing the movement of stock into Namadgi, restricting the movement of feral animals and controlling illegal access to the park. Funding was provided as part of the ACT Government’s fast track COVID-19 stimulus program designed to support Canberra workers and local business. This work is now complete with contractors replacing about 19 km of fencing, repairing 14 km of roads and 8 floodgates.

The Government has also provided support to rural landholders as part of the Rural Resilience Gants to build resilience to drier conditions and adapt to our changing climate.

ACT Government will continue to work closely with famers and rural landholders throughout the roll-out of recovery program.

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