West Belconnen Catchment

  • Two priority projects comprising two new wetlands, one of which includes potential for stormwater use.
  • An estimated $6.5 million will be invested in the catchment over three years.
  • Research indicates the projects will remove 2% of suspended solids, 1% of phosphorus and 1% of nitrogen from West Belconnen waterways.

Proposed priority projects

Wetland - Croke Place, McKellar

The proposed project will involve constructing a wetland in the open space next to Ginninderra Creek near William Webb Drive, McKellar, immediately downstream of Lake Ginninderra. Low flows from the creek will be diverted to the wetland for treatment. High flows will be diverted around the wetland and continue through the creek. In addition to helping improve water quality in the creek, the wetland will add to the amenity and ecology of the area.

Wetland and potential stormwater use, corner of Krefft Street and Bernard Circuit, Latham

The proposed wetland will be established in open space between St Francis Xavier College and Krefft Street. The wetland will help improve water quality by trapping sediments and nutrients in storm water flowing through the area. Some of the captured and treated stormwater may be used to irrigate the St Francis Xavier College oval. Landscaping, such as understorey planting, will enhance the existing open space and providing opportunities for recreation and the enjoyment of nature.

Catchment Facts

  • Drains in two major directions - north to the last reach of Ginninderra Creek which discharges into the Murrumbidgee River, and south-west directly into the Murrumbidgee River via a number of transient creeks.
  • 51% of the catchment is covered by introduced pasture species used for grazing, rural residential areas and farm infrastructure accounts for 20%, and 18% is existing urban development.
  • A new residential development is proposed in West Belconnen which is along the last reach of Ginninderra Creek.
  • The new development has the potential to demonstrate best practice in Water Sensitive Urban Design for future greenfield sites in the ACT.
Total Area – 208 km2

Land Use Zone

Area (km2)

Area (ha)

Area (%)

Pervious Area




Low Density Residential




Medium Density Residential




Commercial and Industrial








Riverview (West Belconnen) - Totals




Water Quality Issues

  • Water quality in the catchment is currently comparatively good.
  • The natural channel of the creek and the high number of retardation basins, extending from Gungahlin in the north and from the south into Lake Ginninderra, help to remove nutrients and sediment.
  • Main water quality problems are generated upstream in the Gungahlin area. They include elevated concentrations of nutrients, turbidity and suspended solids stemming from housing construction activities.
  • Flows from the catchment are relatively large and so have the potential to significantly affect water quality in the Murrumbidgee River.
  • Proposed development in Riverview has the potential to significantly affect the quality of water entering the Murrumbidgee river system.

Catchment options

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