Fyshwick Catchment

Six priority projects have been chosen for the Fyshwick catchment, including four wetlands.

An estimated $15.9 million will be invested in the catchment over three years.

Research indicates the combined projects will remove 39% of suspended solids, 32% of phosphorus and 16% of nitrogen from waterways in the catchment.

Proposed priority projects

 Wetland – Eyre Street, Kingston, adjacent to Jerrabomberra Creek

The proposed wetland will be established next to Jerrabomberra Creek near Eyre Street, Fyshwick. Flows from the creek will be diverted to the wetland where water will receive treatment before being returned to the creek. The new wetland will be designed to complement the current network of walking tracks that run through the Jerrabomberra Wetlands.

Pond – Jerrabomberra Creek between Bonshaw Road and Payenda Circuit, Symonston

The proposed project involves a modification of the existing pond adjacent to Jerrabomberra Creek in the open space between Lanyon Drive and Hindmarsh Drive, Symonston. These modifications will increase the storage capacity of the pond, enabling more stormwater to be treated before returning flows back into the creek.

Anabranch reconnection – Jerrabomberra Wetlands, Dairy Road

The proposed project will rehabilitate the anabranch of Jerrabomberra Creek near Dairy Road, Fyshwick, creating a new wetland. In addition to restoring a more natural flow regime into the anabranch and helping improve water quality in the creek, the wetland will significantly add to the amenity and ecology of what is currently a highly modified part of the Jerrabomberra wetlands.

Wetland and potential stormwater use - Matina Street, south of Mill Creek Oval, Narrabundah

The proposed wetland will take advantage of open space between Matina Street and the Monaro Highway, Narrabundah. Low flows from Jerrabomberra Creek will be diverted to the wetland and treated before being returned to the waterway. High flows would bypass the wetland and continue around the existing creekline. The wetland will also enhance the area and increase its appeal as a recreational space for the local community.

Pond – Jerrabomberra Creek, Corner of Hindmarsh Drive and Monaro Highway, Symonston

The proposed project involves a modification of the existing pond adjacent to Jerrabomberra Creek in the open space near the intersection of Hindmarsh Drive and the Monaro Highway, North Symonston. The storage capacity of the pond will be increased which will enable more stormwater to be treated before being discharged back into the creek.

Wetland - Gladstone Street, Fyshwick

The proposed wetland will be established next to the Molonglo River near Gladstone Street, Fyshwick. In order to ensure the wetland can treat nutrients and not be overwhelmed by sediments, a gross pollutant trap will be built downstream of Gladstone Street. Water will also run through a vegetated swale before entering the wetland. The fully treated water will then enter the Molonglo River.

Catchment facts

  • Encompasses the Molonglo River to the north and north-west, and the Jerrabomberra Wetlands and alongside the Jerrabomberra Creek to the west.
  • Drains into the East Basin of Lake Burley Griffin.
  • Incorporates one of the few industrial commercial areas in the ACT, close to the Jerrabomberra Wetlands Nature Reserve and intense horticulture at Pialligo.
  • The wetlands were created as a result of water backing up in Lake Burley Griffin - Jerrabomberra Creek and Molonglo River do not actually flow directly into them.
  • The East Lake area is intended by the ACT Government to become a showcase for urban redevelopment.
Total Area – 84.51 km2

Land Use Zone

Area (km2)

Area (ha)

Area (%)

Pervious area




Low-density residential




Medium-density residential




High-density residential




Commercial and industrial








Fyshwick totals




Water Quality Issues

  • The main water quality issues relate to Fyshwick’s use as an industrial site (with heavy metal and hydrocarbon outputs) and its ageing and inadequate stormwater infrastructure.
  • Lack of stormwater management and poor on-site practices compound the water quality issues.
  • Stormwater drains from buildings and streets into pipes which run directly into Jerrabomberra Creek and the Molonglo River without any treatment.
  • The significant amount of heavy metals, hydrocarbons and miscellaneous chemicals generated in the catchment enter Lake Burley Griffin and have potential to impact on the Jerrabomberra wetland.
  • Water quality data reveals that stormwater run-off contains more than double the amount of zinc compared to other urban catchments.

Catchment options

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