Canberra is a unique city in having abundant populations of kangaroos living in many urban areas including 34 nature reserves. Canberrans treasure their iconic marsupial, the eastern grey kangaroo, but they are also well aware of the impacts that kangaroos can have – environmental, social and economic. The policies required to balance competing requirements throughout the ACT are fully explained in the ACT kangaroo management plan.

Kangaroo research

The ACT Government is committed to evidence-based kangaroo management and is a leader in eastern grey kangaroo research through its own work and through partnerships with other organisations. The research, which informs decisions about kangaroo management, is described here.

2017 conservation cull of Eastern Grey Kangaroos

The 2017 conservation cull has been completed. For further information please see the media release.

2017 Eastern Grey Kangaroo: Controlled Native Species Management Plan

The Eastern Grey Kangaroo is an important—and iconic—part of Canberra’s grassland and woodland environment. There are populations at most nature parks in the ACT.

Following the declaration of the Eastern Grey Kangaroo as a controlled native species, the Conservator for Flora and Fauna has prepared a controlled native species management plan for the Eastern Grey Kangaroo.

The plan updates the research and some policies in the 2010 Kangaroo Management Plan. It does not propose major changes to the management of kangaroos in the ACT. Unlike the 2010 plan, which covered all four macropod species found in the ACT and Googong, the plan deals specifically with Eastern Grey Kangaroos in the ACT, so will not completely replace the 2010 Kangaroo Management Plan. The Eastern Grey Kangaroo: Controlled Native Species Management Plan is a statutory plan under the Nature Conservation Act 2014.

2010 ACT kangaroo management plan

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