Protected Native Animals

A licence is required to keep, possess, breed, buy, sell or dispose of the species listed below for private or commercial purposes.

The applicant must have appropriate knowledge and experience in the keeping of other similiar species of animal. A licence authorising the keeping of Protected Native Animals must be obtained PRIOR to purchase.

Common bird names Scientific name
Black Cockatoo Calyptorhynchus—all species
Fig Parrot Cyclopsitta diophthalma
Gang-Gang Cockatoo Callocephalon fimbriatum
Ground Parrot Pezoporus wallicus
Major Mitchell's Cockatoo (Pink Cockatoo) Cacatua leadbeateri
Night Parrot Pezoporus occidentalis
Orange-bellied Parrot Neophema chrysogaster
Palm Cockatoo Probosciger aterrimus
Red Cheeked Parrot Geoffroyus geoffroyi maclennana
Swift Parrot Lathamus discolor
All species except exempt species