Protected Native Animal Information Sheet

Birds classified as Special Protection Status (SPS) have been deemed to be native wildlife that is vulnerable to or threatened with extinction.

Birds classified as Protected Native Animals (PNA) are birds which Licencing and Investigation monitor closely in the interests of the preservation of native species and their ecosystems. A full list of birds classified as Special Protection Status or Protected Native Animals is available from Licensing and Investigations.

When applying for a licence to keep SPS or PNA birds, applicants must state their prior keeping experience of the same or similar bird(s). Details should include the intended keeping arrangements for the animals. The submission of an application form does not automatically guarantee a licence will be granted.

The holder of a licence to keep in the ACT must keep records as prescribed. The maintenance of such records is one of the conditions to which licence holders must adhere. When selling, trading or otherwise disposing of (including donating) the above mentioned birds, please keep accurate records. These entries must include the receiver/supplier's name and full address. Such details may be asked for when officers from Licencing and Investigation conduct routine inspections. The receiver of PNA or SPS birds must be licenced to keep such birds before they receive the animals.

The intended seller of SPS or PNA birds is required to contact Licencing and Investigation 48 hours prior to the sale of any SPS or PNA birds. This enables Licencing and Investigation to assess the receiver's suitability.

This action is a legal condition of the licence to sell and must be observed.

If you require any further information please contact the Licensing Officer.