Managing our rivers

Managing our rivers

The Conservator for Flora and Fauna has prepared the Aquatic and Riparian Conservation Strategy and seven associated action plans for threatened species.

Our rivers and the land alongside them (the riparian area) are crucial to the ongoing survival and wellbeing of wildlife, the environment—and humans.

Our aquatic environments supply water for our consumption, provide habitat for plants and animals, and are sought out as aesthetically beautiful places and for fishing. But they are threatened by climate change, water extraction, overfishing, erosion and sedimentation, invasive species, disease, fire and other threats.

The Conservator for Fauna and Flora has prepared the Aquatic and Riparian Conservation Strategy, which outlines how we can best continue to manage and restore our waterways. It builds on the achievements of the previous 2007 strategy.

See the summary of the strategy.

The strategy’s vision is:

Healthy waterways supporting diverse aquatic and riparian flora and fauna, and providing high quality ecosystem services.

The strategy outlines:

  • proposed conservation management guidelines for the protection and enhancement of aquatic and riparian areas
  • identified threats and guidelines to manage them
  • monitoring and research objectives
  • strategies to increase community awareness and involvement
  • action plans for threatened species.

The strategy includes action plans for the following threatened fish and riparian plants:

  • Two-spined Blackfish
  • Macquarie Perch
  • Murray River Crayfish
  • Silver Perch
  • Trout Cod
  • Murrumbidgee Bossiaea
  • Tuggeranong Lignum

See the action plans and summaries of the action plans.