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Is the EEIS a rebate scheme?

Retailers may offer rebates or other incentives for consumers to undertake activities but the EEIS is not a rebate scheme.

Who pays for the activities? Is everything free to consumers?

There is no requirement for retailers to provide all products and installations for free but retailers may offer activities at low or no cost to the consumer, or provide other incentives for consumers such as discounts, delayed payments or other methods. Consumer contributions for activities need to be agreed between the retailer and the consumer.

Is the EEIS the same as the VEET, REES and ESS schemes?

The EEIS is modelled on existing schemes and adapted to address the specific conditions of the ACT including the cool climate and low levels of competition in the electricity retail market. Like the South Australian Scheme the EEIS is not based on creating and trading certificates.

What activities and products are available through the Scheme?

There are a wide range of activities and products from which retailers may choose to meet their energy savings obligation under the EEIS. As retailers may choose which activities they undertake, some activities may not be offered by retailers. Click here for the full list.

Why isn’t insulation an eligible activity at the moment?

Insulation has not yet been included under the Scheme as there are a number of risks relating to the health and safety of householders and workers, and the safety of property that must be addressed before they can safely and effectively be included under the Scheme.

In the case of insulation, requirements that need to be finalised for undertaking this activity will include competency standards for installers, pre-installation checks, and installation practices, requirements for the disposal of removed materials and any other requirements associated with managing the documented risks of undertaking insulation activities post-construction.

It is anticipated that insulation will be included under the EEIS in 2013.

Where can I find information about product requirements?

The product requirements for each activity can be found in the eligible activities determination made by the Minister. The Determination can be found at

Please note that unlike the VEET scheme, only certain products must be registered by the Administrator.

Who do I contact if I want a retailer to use my product?

You will need to contact the relevant retailers directly.


How do I become an installer?

An installer must be authorised to undertake activities by a retailer or a person contracted directly by the retailer. If you are not authorised any work you may do is not eligible under the Scheme.

Installers will need to undertake all necessary training before they undertake activities. Some activities will require a licensed person, including activities involving plumbing, gasfitting and electrical work.

Installers must also attend an EEIS induction course run by the Administrator. You must be associated with an electricity retailer to attend an induction course.

The ACT Government does not provide accreditation or endorsements of installers or installation businesses. You should contact the electricity retailer you would like to work on behalf of if you are interested in becoming an installer.

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