2015-16 ACT Community Garden Grants Successful Projects

The ACT Community Gardens Grants are designed to support Community Gardens across Canberra that enhance community places and spaces. Funding is available for projects that support Community Gardens and meet one or more of the following priorities:

  • Benefit to the wider community, for example, supply of food to disadvantaged people or promoting social cohesion and community health
  • Encourage broad participation including from a diverse cross section of the community
  • Have a high level of community support, including volunteers and sponsorship

In April 2016, the ACT Government offered a second round of Community Garden grants.  Five local garden projects that help the community grow its own produce received a total $11,000 in funding, announced on 1 September 2016.  The following projects received project funding:  

  • Communities@Work Galilee School - $5000.00 to develop and maintain a community garden at the school, which helps young, marginalised people to achieve and education. Food produced will be used in the school and donated to other Communities@Work programs.
  • Benambra Intentional Community - Woden Community Service - $2722.00 to establish a community vegetable garden as part of community inclusion in a community housing complex developed around three young men with disabilities.
  • Canberra Organic Growers Society - $1550.00 to replace a garden shed. This group supplies food through the Goodwill Program.
  • Canberra Organic Growers Society - $1118.00 to build a storage shed at the Cook Community Garden for communal items used to manage the garden. The garden is an open garden to educate and provide food into the community.
  • Canberra Organic Growers Society - $639 to purchase a lawnmower to control the grass around the Charnwood Community Garden's boundaries bordering onto reserve land to maintain the visual appeal and safety of the garden, whose members have a diverse range of cultural backgrounds.

The first round of Community Garden grants were announced in 2015. The following grants were made:

  • Kingston Organic Community Garden (Canberra Baptist Church) - $4,515.00 remediation of failed underground transfer pipes from the rainwater tank to the garden.
  • Canberra Organic Growers Society - $2,354.00 to replace a small ageing shed with a larger shed to accommodate tools.
  • The Salvation Army Community Housing Company - $3167.00 to create a garden for residents and their families who are struggling to participate in community activities.
  • Canberra City Care - $3572.00 to establish a garden to produce fresh produce for families in the Hands Up program.
  • Youth with a Mission - $4304.00 to establish a garden to build community spirit and provide healthy food to clients of The Pantry, which provides low cost groceries to disadvantaged families.
  • Richmond Fellowship ACT - $2,436.59 to establish a garden at Ainslie Village to promote knowledge of sustainably responsible food production and contribute to healthy food bags at a minimal annual cost.
  • Communities@Work - $4,110.00 to create a dedicated garden to allow people with disabilities to grow and harvest crops of vegetables and herbs.
  • Canberra Organic Growers Society - $539.88 to provide a pump to move water to an established community garden from two water tanks. The garden is used by people from a variety of cultures and ages who come together to maintain the garden.