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The ACT's climate change strategy and action plan, AP2, sets out a clear strategy for the Territory to meet our 2020 greenhouse gas reduction targets and sets us on the path to becoming a sustainable and carbon neutral community. It is driven by our commitment, as a community, to address climate change and an understanding that we, as a community working together, can make a small but positive contribution to the global climate change mitigation effort.

Action Plan 2 was released in October 2012.

The ACT Government has developed a sectoral approach to identifying and targeting emission reductions across the ACT community and this is reflected in the structure of Action Plan 2. These sectors relate to the major sources of emissions from our community:

  • Residential sector energy use
  • Non-residential sector energy use
  • Transport sector emissions
  • Waste sector emissions
  • Energy supply sector emissions.

Each sector will contribute to achieving our 2020 emission reductions target. Figure 1 shows the potential contribution each sector can make to achieving our 2020 emission reductions target. This show that in 2020 around 553,000 tonnes CO2-e savings will be targeted through electricity, gas and transport fuel savings, and through reductions in emissions from the Territory’s landfill sites.

The remaining reductions (the large green wedge) can be, subject to ongoing policy review, achieved through changing the generation mix of electricity supplied to the Territory.

Figure 1: Potential emission reductions by sector

Potential emission reductions by sector