What Government is doing

The ACT Government is taking strong leadership with climate change mitigation, within Australia with comparatively strong commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The latest science indicates it is past the time for governments and the public to work to just cut greenhouse gas emissions; we must also plan for infrastructure that will offer protection from a significantly changed climate. The message is clear that both mitigation and adaptation responses are necessary. The ACT Government is now progressing a climate change adaptation and resilience response.

The ACT Government is committed to achieving carbon neutrality in its own operations  by 2020, demonstrating leadership in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

GreenScene newsletter

The GreenScene newsletter is a quarterly publication that provides insight into what we, as one government, are doing to increase energy efficiency and become more sustainable. It highlights current work and success stories from directorates and provides information on upcoming workshops, tours, tools, funding opportunities and advice.

GreenScene First Edition 2014

GreenScene Second Edition 2014

Fact Sheet: Canberra’s key climate change policies and programs

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