Council Meetings

The Climate Change Council meets four times a year to receive updates from the ACT Government Environment and Planning Directorate and provide feedback on matters relating to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change.

20 May 2016, Transport

The Council discussed transport emissions in the ACT, the City and Gateway Urban Renewal Strategy, Single Conservation Strategy, Basin Priority Project and the draft ACT and Region Catchment Strategy.

Ms Olesen, Climate Change (EPD), presented to Council on transport emissions in the ACT. Council discussed the potential opportunities.

The Council sub committees provided updates on their activities including proposed future Council work to undertake a Carbon neutral precincts report and an annual State of the Climate Science report for the ACT.

The Council met with the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment, Dr Kate Auty. The Commissioner outlined her work priorities for 2016.

12 February 2016, Post COP-21

The Council provided their perspectives on COP21, noting that realistic hopes have been achieved, and that 2016 is a decisive year for global action. The conference focused significantly on the important role of sub-national governments, coinciding with the release of the Council’s report, “Sub-national climate policies: how does the ACT compare?”.

Presenters at the meeting included Mr Mark Hemmingsen from Canberra EV who spoke about the benefits of electric vehicles in Canberra, and Mr Andrew Zelnik from EPD who discussed the use of energy consumption tracking software in achieving government carbon neutrality by 2020.

23 October 2015, Climate Change Action 

In this last meeting of 2015, the Council discussed new approaches to social media and community engagement about climate change issues that affect the ACT. Comment was made on a number of current ACT Government projects:

  • The draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy;
  • Living Infrastructure Discussion Paper; and
  • Review of AP2.

Mr Tony Carmichael of EPD also presented the Mawson and Woden Master Plans and the Light Rail Master Plan for consideration by the Council members.

Professor Norman, Professor Steffen and Dr Jotzo noted their continued preparation for COP21 in December, and to conclude the year the Council discussed their ideas for 2016.

10 August 2015, Interim Targets 

The Council widely discussed the possibility of introducing interim greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, amending baselines to be in-line with future federal government targets.

Guests at this meeting included Mr Larry O’Loughlin and Ms Phoebe Howe from the Conservation Council ACT Region, and Ms. Jodie Pipkorn from SEE-Change, who updated the Council on their respective organisations.

The Council also heard presentations from EPD representatives; Mr Tony Carmichael presented on the relevance of climate change to planning issues in the Territory, while Ms Antonia Harmer gave an update on the Energy Efficiency Improvement Scheme and was widely congratulated on her team’s terrific work.

12 June 2015, Global Conferences

In this second meeting of the year, the Council heard updates regarding the recent Nobel Laureate Symposium and the resulting Memorandum, which challenges cities and regions to set ambitious greenhouse gas emissions targets. Key topics of discussion during the meeting were a number of ongoing projects:

  • The Council’s report on  sub-national climate change policy;
  • The draft ACT Climate Change Adaptation Strategy;
  • The review of AP2; and
  • The upcoming review of the Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act 2010.

The Council also discussed the upcoming Conference of Parties in December. Chair Professor Barbara Norman noted that she will be attending as part of the Australian Climate Council delegation, while Professor Will Steffen will remain in Canberra to act as an Australian-based representative during the conference.

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