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Renewable energy publications from the Climate Council

The independent national Climate Council has recently released two publications on renewable energy of interest to the ACT community:

  1. Giga-What? Explaining Australia’s Renewable Energy Target has three main findings of interest
  2. The renewable energy target has reduced greenhouse gas emissions in Australia.
  3. While renewable energy is booming globally, policy uncertainty around the renewable energy target means investment has fallen in Australia.

Game On: “The Australian Renewable Energy Race Heats Up”, ranks states and territories based on their commitment to renewable energy. This report gives the ACT a leading ranking and commends the Territory for its efforts in uptake of renewable energy.

Cover Game on cover

ACT Climate Change Adaptation Strategy launched

The draft Adaptation Strategy was publically released on 22 February 2016 at the Rivers Fire Station, by Minister Simon Corbell and ESA Commissioner Dominic Lane. Members of the Climate Change Council, Chair Professor Barbara Norman, Professor Will Steffen and Mr Toby Roxburgh attended the launch to have their say and show their support for the strategy.

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.

Pictured from left: Commissioner Dominic Lane, Professor Will Steffen, Minister Simon Corbell, Professor Barbara Norman, Ms Dorte Ekelund and Mr Tony Roxburgh (2016).

Sub-National Climate Policies: How does the ACT compare?

report by the ACT Climate Change Council, Sub National-Climate Change Policies - How does the ACT compare?, shows the ACT Government’s climate change policies and emissions reduction targets are among the best in the world.

The report compares the climate targets and actions of the ACT with other Australian jurisdictions and major cities, along with 18 international sub-national jurisdictions. It was prepared by Climate Change Council members Professor Penny Sackett and Dr Frank Jotzo with senior ANU researcher Luke Kemp.

More information here.

ACT Climate policies

Reflections on leading climate change practice

The Chair of the ACT Climate Change Council, Professor Barbara Norman, gave a presentation on leading overseas climate change practice on Wednesday 11 November 2015 at Dame Pattie Menzies House in Canberra. She talked about her work on cities and climate change and her overseas travel. Professor Norman was joined by executive directors and staff from Sustainability and Climate Change, Environment, and the Strategic Planning divisions of the Environment and Planning Directorate, as well as senior colleagues from Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, Land Development Agency, and Territory and Municipal Services Directorate.

Tony Carmichael, Barbara Norman, Annie Lane, Sean Rooney

Pictured from left: Mr Tony Carmichael, Professor Barbara Norman, Ms Annie Lane and Mr Sean Rooney.

Climate Change Council Chair meets with the New York City Resiliency Director

In October 2015, the Climate Change Council Chair, Professor Barbara Norman, met with the New York City (NYC) Resiliency Director, Mr Dan Zarrilli.

The NYC approach has moved on from just responding to climate change to one of a more integrated approach to environmental and community resiliency. This is framed around a risk management approach and a clearer recognition that you cannot remove all risks.

More information on one example of the NYC's work.

Barbara Norman and Dan Zarilli

Pictured from left:, Mr Dan Zarrilli and Professor Barbara Norman.

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