Planning for climate change

ACT NRM is progressing a long-term program of work to identify and implement management and policy responses that will help biodiversity and the natural environment adapt to climate change.

Key work underway includes:

ACT policy framework for climate change

The work undertaken by ACT NRM is informed by our policy framework which includes:

  • ACT Nature Conservation Act 2014
    It is a requirement of the ACT Nature Conservation Act 2014 to consider climate change in the development of a nature conservation strategy and action plans for threatened species and ecosystems.
  • ACT Nature Conservation Strategy 2013-23
    The ACT Nature Conservation Strategy 2013–23 has a vision which promotes biodiversity rich and resilient landscapes. 
  • AP2 – Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan 2
    Action 17: Continue to assess the potential impacts of climate change on ecological systems in the ACT and the surrounding region and integrate this knowledge into environmental management and development planning decisions to ensure our natural environment is conserved and enhanced.
    The ACT Government is currently developing a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy to complement its existing climate change  policy.

Related policy links

For more information about the ACT Government’s policies that are guiding our work:

Biodiversity Adaptation Pathways Project


ACT NRM delivered two workshops in late 2015 to shape thinking on climate responsiveness in relation to biodiversity conservation.

Outcomes from the project will be used to inform the review of relevant action plans for threatened species and ecological communities, as well as informing the ACT and Region Catchment Management Strategy.

Hydrogeological Landscapes (HGL)


ACT NRM administered funding from the Australian Government to develop a hydrogeological landscape (HGL) framework to fill critical information gaps on landscape function.