Environment Grants

ACT  Environment Grants fund community-based projects that support on-ground implementation  of the ACT  Nature Conservation Strategy 2013-23.

The grants have  been funded annually by the ACT Government since 1997.

There has been strong interest from the ACT community to participate in environmental activities. The Grants provide an opportunity to foster a partnership approach to building the resilience of the ACT’s natural environment and strengthen conservation efforts.

The proposed continued investment in on-ground projects will provide an opportunity to build on the outcomes achieved through the Grants in the last few years while complementing existing ACT Government investments and priorities.

The assessment criteria for the Grants emphasise the following requirements:

  • Alignment with ACT Government environmental priorities:
    • Enhancing habitat connectivity and restoring ecosystem function
    • Managing threats to biodiversity
    • Protecting species and ecological communities
    • Enhancing the biodiversity value of urban areas.
  • Delivery of environmental outcomes through on-ground activities
  • Demonstration of sound project planning, including achievable milestones, timelines, and project outcomes
  • Demonstration of sound project budgeting, including value for money

Demonstration of community and stakeholder engagement and partnerships.

Successful Projects