Disclosure log

The Directorate is required to maintain a disclosure log in accordance with section 28 of the Freedom of Information Act 2016. The disclosure log falls under the Open Access Information categories and must be made publicly available.

Documents published under the previous Act—Freedom of Information Act 1989—are located on the Open Government—Freedom of Information Online page.

Ref. No.

Date applied

Information requested


Date of decision


Time spent *

Ombudsman decision
(if relevant)

ACAT decision (if relevant)


Information given

Additional information

EPSDD 18/00451 8 January 2018 Statistics on Applications made by Knight Frank on the outcomes of Development Application
Decision letter No documents found N/A 30 January 2018 N/A 1.5 working days N/A N/A
EPSDD 18/00219 2 January 2018 DA201733174
Decision letter


N/A 22 January 2018 N/A 6 hours N/A N/A

* This is an estimation of the amount of time spent dealing with the application, measured in half hour increments.

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